The Perfect Focus

Finding focus in a blurry world…

A good class tonight…

Well we had a good class tonight. 1 class to go till the developmental tournament, Sunday, at Liberty Bell Judo, in NE Philly. I have 4 students going, Matt, Dylan, Paul, and Galen… This will be Galen’s first event, he’s 12. Sensei Fred, Andy, Scott, and myself will also be there. But won’t be fighting. It’s only a developmental event, no black belt divisions.

It’s in NE Philly, about one hour away, so I’m riding up with Paul, and his dad. I hope they all do well, Sensei Fred and I are planning a promotion shortly after the event (few weeks).

We worked every one really hard tonight! We did lots of throwing drills. And we did the last 4 rounds with me throwing EVERY ONE. Working on the 4 major throws every one knows. Major outside leg throw, major hip throw, minor inside leg throw, and shoulder throw!!!

Think I made a few of em’ dizzy, we went very fast! My back hurts now, LOL… some of you kids are heavier then ya’ll look! Let see… 11 students X 4 rounds… I did 44 throws in about 5min. uggg. A quick drink, and then a vigorous round of randori before the end of the kids class. Every one was sucking air!

Stay tuned…

Blindsided by the big C…

Well I had hoped to update this blog more often, and I do hope to do that. I have not updated in the past week or so, because, well when your world goes to shit every thing is a blur. That is the way I feel.

October 31st, 2008 – that’s right Halloween, of all days. I received a phone call from Ruth, my dads wife at around 9PM. (Dad divorced my mom when I was about 7, no ill will, we’re cool). But as mom handed me the phone, I knew something was up, it was never normal for her or my dad to call this late.

Rich, I have some bad news about your dad… (Rich Sr.) he’s in the hospital… your dad has lung cancer…

We spent the next 30 minutes or so talking, and she was telling me what was going on. I knew dad was sick for the past 3 months or so, but we thought it was simply pneumonia or COPD. Dad’s 62, and has been a smoker all his life, coughing and hacking was nothing new.

He had went to the doctor for trouble breathing… Doctor advised him to go to the ER, and the ER admitted him. They took a chest x-ray and that is when they found the large mass and two smaller masses in his left lung.

Sunday, November 2nd, they drained a large amount of fluid from his lung to make it easier for him to breath.

Monday, November 3rd, they preformed a body scan, and CAT scan. – This confirmed it all. It was lung cancer, and fairly advanced.

Monday, November 10th, they started Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. We know little more then that for now.

So… that’s my week from hell. I’m getting over the shock of it all I guess. I’ll try to keep updates going of any progress.

Thank you every one for your support and prayers.

First Contact

Let it be noted, I do hate asking people for help. But this is something I can’t accomplish alone. So, I’ve made first contact with the Montgomery County Association for the Blind (MCAB). To see about Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services.

O&M teaches you how to get around in public, so you don’t get lost. For people who can’t see well or who are blind, it’s very important. They also teach things like how to ride a bus, make transfers and get to places you need to go. Obviously I don’t drive.

It all sounds simple. But, if you can’t read the bus signs or street signs, it’s not easy. I can see, but can’t see well. For example, I would have to be almost right under a street sign to read it, and I can’t see house address from the sidewalk. 

I had some of this training in Elementary School, and Middle School.. But not High School, and I never progressed far enough to move to unassisted travel.

Robin (social worker from MCAB) hooked me up with Eliane a Mobility Instructor. BUT… Eliane is there only O&M Instructor for adults in Montgomery County. (Bummer). At this time, there is a 3 month wait list to have her see me. So, we’ll have to see what’s up in about 3 months.