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Where have you been…

Many of my blog friends have wondered where I have been for the past few weeks.

Well, I’ve been busy photographing Little League! I’ve shot 25 games (as of this post) and a library of about 5000+ photos, from all levels from Tee Ball to Little League, to Senior League Softball… Playoffs are this week, and Sunday will be a marathon shoot from 10AM ending around 10PM, covering all the league finals, and closing ceremonies! But this is not the end, because tournaments are next ending with the grand stage of the Little League World Series!

So, this may be one of the few posts you see from me for a while again… In any case, photos speak louder then words, so… Here is some of my best shots from 2009… I have hundreds, but here are ten of my favorites…

Peace out photo dude... (Minor American)

A little rain... (Tee Ball)

At the plate.. (Boys Majors)


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  • Cole Promoted to Orange Belt

    Cole was promoted to Orange Belt, after almost 1.5-years (since his last belt) of hard work and dedication… You can read more about it, and see some photos on his blog. Congratulations Cole.

    You can read how this journey began. And one of the original stories we read at Pottstown Judo, and so nominated Cole for the June 2007 Kid of the Year. (I was awarded Sensei of the Month June 2007, and Pottstown Judo as Club of the Month, for promoting visually disabled judo).

    Cole practices the Tenshin-Ryu style of Karate.

    * Please note, I’m not Cole’s instructor, simply a friend…

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  • Remembered…

    I’m still around. But busy shooting Little League games at the moment, that is why I have not been blogging.

    In the meanwhile, heres the artwork photo I did of my dad. It was printed 16×20 and used at his memorial service.


    A combination of Photoshop filters, blending, masks, and layers where used to create the image. Under close inspection of an actual print, it looks more like a colored pencil drawing then a photo.

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