Well I guess its about time I discuss my camera gear a little bit, as a new year comes and I prepare for another year of shooting. After all this is a photography related blog.

The Camera(s):
Nikon D2x 12.2mp D-SLR and Nikon D3 12.2mp (Full Frame) D-SLR… The flagships of the Nikon lineup. Before this, I did shoot film, with my first camera the Nikon N70 35mm film body, and then moved to the Nikon F100 35mm film body.

Nikon D3

The Nikon D2x has served me well, when I moved to digital. Last seasnon for Little Leage it took over 15k photos… This season we’ll be using the Nikon D3 (much faster, and better noise reduction at higher ISO), and suspect it will BLOW YOUR MIND! (more…)