We now have one class left till the PA State Judo Championships. I have 6 students going, plus Sensei Andy, and myself, to fight. My main man Dylan is really sick right now, he missed a WHOLE WEEK of school. He stopped into visit us tonight, but he’s still very ill, poor kid.

101 Judo Games for KidsI worked the class really hard last week, and played some different judo games I learned from my “101 Judo Games for Kids” DVD , Sensei Fred got me… Dude that DVD is SO COOL! If your a kids judo coach, you MUST get this DVD!

We did an under-over relay race, where one student belly crawled threw the others legs, turned, and then threw the standing student… That really got the blood move’n… Then we played “Snakes“, in this game we scatter sections of cut belts all over the mat, they are “Snakes“, the kids as partners, tug and pull for grip, and move there partner to try and get ‘bit‘… if you get bit (step on a belt), they get to throw you! …

Then we did another grip game, in groups of 3, one student has a cut belt section tucked in there judo obi, the other partner is a “human shield“, and the 3rd player must then try to get around BOTH and grab the cut belt… (they really liked this game)… We finished class with some foot sweeps, and then standing randori (free fighting). I so love that DVD, Sensei Fred got me! They all think they are having fun, when they are actually learning good judo skills!

This week we did the under-over relay race again for warm-ups. The a grip drill with the belt tabs, kind of like 2-hand tug-of-war… We finished that section of warm-ups with a body drag, where again you hold the two belt sections and pull your partner the whole length of the mat. This all helps with grip strength, that is very important in judo.

Ippon-Seoi-NageThen it was time for the fun! With the kids paired off with partners of equal size, and me going with student, Matt. We did the “Word Record” drill. Really very simple, you throw your partner as many times as you can with good throws, in 30-seconds! Slowest team does 10 push-ups!

We started with Osoto Gari – (Large Outer Reap), I managed 10, others managed as little as 4 others, 7 or 8 throws. Then we moved to Ouchi Gari – (Large Inner Reaping), I managed 10, others managed 8 or 9… By now, ever one was gasping for air; (should kids really sound like pack a day smokers?), but the fun was not over yet. We had one more round! We finished the set with Ippon Seonage – (One Arm Shoulder Throw), I managed 11, others managed 8 to 10 throws… By now we got sweat on the mat, and the kids are really sucking air bad… We rested for about 1-minute, and finished class with a 1-minute found of hard randori (standup fighting).

The kids will sleep tonight I guarantee it!

Well, with only one more class to go before States I’m fat… I need to loose 5lbs to make my weight class of 145lbs (66kg)… But I’m working at it… Riding my exercise bike almost every day… But if I don’t make it, thats fine too. I don’t like cutting weight, and I never advise any one to do it, it’s simply not healthy.

I really hope every one does well at States! They have worked so hard for me lately. I’m very proud them!