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Perfect Focus Blog News and Updates!

We have some minor updates to tell you about… I’ve updated the blog back end to WordPress 2.7.1, and installed some new plugins. Of note as always is our Odiogo Audio [1] plugin and our “Listen Now!” button that has been installed for a few weeks now. I simply LOVE this plugin, and the service is free! I find it very accommodating for people who may visit our blog who are Dyslexic, or have low vision, and would prefer our posts read to them… Very cool!

You’ll now note a “Print This” link at the top of our posts, this will allow you to have a printer friendly version of my posts available to you, incase you want to print out and share a story… I’ve also added a “Possibly Related Posts” plugin, that automatically generates links to, possibly related topics within the blog… And I’ve added a “Popular Posts” plugin as well, for the sidebar to spur interest in my top viewed and commented on subjects.

Some blog linkage updates, now added:

I’ve talked with Dr. Boucher at length about many different subjects in personal e-mails covering many different subjects. I find her views very down to earth and a no BS point of view. (And she comments on my blog as well!) So props to the doc!

As always feel free to visit out friend on the roll, and if you are a friend and are listed, be kind, share the love, and link back to us if you please. You don’t have to, but it’s very appreciated!

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