Sorry, I’ve not commented much on what has been happening at judo lately. But for the most part it’s been somewhat boring. For the past few weeks we have been going over different skills the students need to test for their next ranks. It’s basically been one big review and drill, drill, drill.

Foot SweepWell tonight is the night… Promotion testing day is here. Almost my entire kids class is up for their next rank, except for four students; not for their lack of skill, simply lack of “time in grade”. We do have many kids who participate in other sports as well; some miss a fair amount of judo class to do other activities; and to be promoted you must put in your “time in grade”, at one level, before your can test again. The average for children is 6 to 8 months. – No worries, they can test next time.

The testing is strait forward… The child must know basic history of judo, who founded it, and where it came from, know basic terms we use every day in class, and counting in Japanese, among other things.

They must demonstrate their judo break-fall, and then show a variety of different techniques, including judo throws, hold-downs, depending on the belt level being tested for, being able to apply them and know the English and Japanese names. The whole test is conducted orally as only adults and higher up teenagers must take a written test. – Belts are then awarded after class to the ones who passed.


Promotions can be stressful for the kids, but what they fail to realize is that it is just as stressful for me. I’m a good teacher, but you always wonder, did I show enough, did they actually understand it, will they remember? I’m sure something every teacher goes threw on test day… We do not want to see out students fail.

Ippon-Seoi-NageLater on tonight we will also be conducting three adult promotions as well. For 1st Class Brown Belt, (the belt right before Black), and the other for a middle student rank… Adult promotions are a little more involved… Including a written test, demonstration of thrws, counters, and combinations… matt work including holds, chokes, and arm locks; and the guys going for 1st Class Brown must demonstrate Nage no Kata, “The Kata of Throws“… Consisting of Five Sets of Three Throws, preformed both right side, and left side, showing the five types of judo throw that are, Hand Technique, Hip Technique, Foot Technique, Back Sacrifice Technique, and Side Sacrifice Technique… – Not easy, and very tiring.

Here is a video of, Koaokan Judo Nage no Kata… Only one of many katas higher ranks must know.


Because I am the best Uki in the club, (I take very nice and safe falls) and I do take great pride in that… I was asked to be Uki, (the dude who will get thrown), for the katas… I don’t mind, really… But I can tell, this is going to be a 4-Advil night… Incase your wondering, thats 30-falls, for one kata. – I’ll regret it tomorrow.

Judo Promotional Testing! – Update