Well sorry, I didn’t go any where. I’ve just been really busy. Getting wrestling schedules down for this season and deciding what events to shoot.

This past week, I took pictures at the Pottsgrove Wrestling Club Takedown and Holiday Tournament. A 2-day event for youth wrestlers held by one of our local clubs. 400 wrestlers showed up on day two; so it was WAY packed! I took well over 2500 photos (unedited raw count) in 2-days. Now I just hope I can get some sales!




Having mentioned in the past I don’t like crowds much, and well this is not the place to be with such a fear, shoulder to shoulder sitting Indian-style near a timers table and screaming coaches and screaming parents. (Earplugs are a wonderful thing!)

The fact is, I don’t like crowds, but once I am there, and get “in the zone” of my photography it does not bother me much. If I were not taking photos, I’d not be at such an event simply to watch.

Though I like shooting many different events… I’m not a “Sports Fan“, I rarely watch sports on TV… and though I’m also a judo coach and have been for many years teaching kids… I will NEVER understand why some people just got NUTS at these events. To me, it’s only a game…

I love the reactions of some kids, as they keep it real; better them most adults… As I was photographing one match, the wresters where about 7 or 8 years old… and there dad was yelling “Come on now buddy, do your best, try, try harder… that’s it… keep trying…” and his son yells back “I AM TRYING!“… Too funny. Parents (and some coaches) do tend to forget, kids are not little adults. And it is ONLY A GAME

In all it was fun, and I’m still editing photos. I do plan to write more in the blog on a more personal note, I have some great ideas from other blogs I have been reading, and they are things I wish to comment on… So stay tuned!