From the Letter Published in Rangefinder I got this nice reply from a reader…

Hi Richard,
Saw your letter in one of the photography magazines we get and had to write. I’m a photographer and I have 2 sons who were born legally blind. They have Nystagmus and also have Albinism.

Though born white as ghosts and legally blind, the pigmentation has increased in their hair and a little in their skin and I guess in their eyes as well because their eyesight has improved over the years. They are still very light compared to most people but they have learned how to deal with their physical shortcomings.

Both boys have been treated for years by doctors from Wills Eye in Philly and have had glasses and contacts to help their vision. The fact that they have monocular vision – they see with one eye at a time – I think helps when they take pictures with a camera through which we all see with one eye. A clear advantage in my eyes!

My older son, Ian, is now an attorney with a beautiful wife and 2 little boys and my younger son, Gabriel, just took over my photography business and has a beautiful wife and daughter.

I checked out your website and you have a great ‘eye‘, regardless of your vision stats. Just as my sons could never see the ball but adjusted their other faculties to compensate, you’ve learned timing and anticipation and used them to your advantage. Like my sons, I suspect your other senses are magnified to make up for any vision loss.

Anyway, your work is real nice and it was great reading your story. We’re located in Newtown Square just below King of Prussia and if you’re down this way, it would be a leasure to have you stop by the studio.

Best Holiday Wishes

Thanks Phil… 🙂