Well I did a little research. Because I was considering an iPod Touch, to maybe show off some photos, or some sort of portfolio of work to clients and friends. I didn’t find much on iPod Touch Accessibility functions, but I did find this video from MacWorld, about the new 4th Generation iPod Nano, and iTunes 8.x.

4th Generation iPod Nano, and iTunes 8.x. Accessibility’s include:

  • Spoken Menus
  • Large Font Choise
  • High Contrast LCD
  • Screen Reader Technology for iTunes 8


Although the iPod Touch does little for people with bad eyesight (as far as I can tell?) Reading the text is REALLY SMALL, for icons and such other things like Address Book, and iCal , but you can zoom in for mail and web pages.

It should be noted that other folks who may have mobility issues can benefit from the iPod Touch functions, and it’s touch screen use.

Read more about Apple iPod and iTunes Accessibility, from Apple
Some info about iPod Touch and Accessibility at the ATMac website.
Check out, Assistive Technology for Apple and Mac Users (ATMac) website, for more.

No, I did not buy an iPod Touch… I’ll stick with my 3rd Generation iPod Nano for now.