Let it be noted, I do hate asking people for help. But this is something I can’t accomplish alone. So, I’ve made first contact with the Montgomery County Association for the Blind (MCAB). To see about Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services.

O&M teaches you how to get around in public, so you don’t get lost. For people who can’t see well or who are blind, it’s very important. They also teach things like how to ride a bus, make transfers and get to places you need to go. Obviously I don’t drive.

It all sounds simple. But, if you can’t read the bus signs or street signs, it’s not easy. I can see, but can’t see well. For example, I would have to be almost right under a street sign to read it, and I can’t see house address from the sidewalk. 

I had some of this training in Elementary School, and Middle School.. But not High School, and I never progressed far enough to move to unassisted travel.

Robin (social worker from MCAB) hooked me up with Eliane a Mobility Instructor. BUT… Eliane is there only O&M Instructor for adults in Montgomery County. (Bummer). At this time, there is a 3 month wait list to have her see me. So, we’ll have to see what’s up in about 3 months.