pll_10-11yot_070908_128.jpgIronic isn’t it? Blind people see the most.

Not something I normally discuss with clients, my vision. But you are scratching your head wondering, how does he do it?

The answer is simple really. I let the camera work for me. With the advances in Auto Focus, and shutter speed there is almost nothing I can’t shoot or attempt to shoot… with some limitations.

The equipment I use is nothing short of the best money can buy. The Nikon D3 and D2x Digital SLR system and Nikon Professional lenses. My cameras are set to my vision, with glasses; I set a negative -3.0 (could likely use -4.0) Diopter Adjustment (finder correction), and use the Nikon DK-17M Magnifying Eye Peace. It adds about 1.2x power to the camera finder, making it easier for me to read the camera’s internal meter.

With out my glasses, I can not shoot. With out the Diopter Adjustment I would not be able to see. The Magnifying Eye Peace, just makes things nicer. Auto focus is your friend! (and enemy some times too).

You’re a sports photographer, how DO you manage that?

Practice, Practice, Practice… Know the sport… and stick to what you know. Threw my camera I can see amazingly well, but in real life, you don’t walk with a camera and 300mm lens strapped to your head.

It is true also; I have extremely sensitive pin-drop hearing. So while at a game, I listen to coach, listen to the players. I watch every thing threw my lens. That little twitch, woops their he goes.

Know the plays… Guys on 1st, chances are he’s going to steal 2nd. Guys on 3rd, you better watch home. Pitcher throws the ball to home plate (Duh!) … Most right-handed hitters hit to shortstop! Anticipate the play, and be ready for any thing. Get the idea?

pll_majors_050608_142-edit-2.jpgSome things are harder then others. Softball for me is easier to shoot then baseball (Big friggn yellow ball vs little white ball). Wrestling is easy, all the action is in front of you. Football (for me) is hard. The ball is dark, blends in, and you have 100-yards to cover, no matter what level of play.

It’s not easy for sure, lots of editing after games. But that’s always fun, because some shots, I never knew I had. I usually get a WOW shot from every game. I also enjoy in game portraits of the players “in the moment“, as it’s always my best work.

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