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Ladies and gentleman I give you the presidents speech…

20090204_obama_school_33Incase any one actually would like to read the speech President Obama will be reading to the nations school children on September 8th. A full transcript has been posted.

Rob puts it best from his blog Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords – “Read for yourself the horrifying vision this man has for the future. Whatever you do, however, don’t let your kids read it. Or any persons with sensitive constitutions, particularly pregnant women. Obama will turn your fetuses into Socialists, too.


Liberty Bell Judo Classic

Well today marked the youth part of the 2009 Liberty Bell Judo Classic.

Youth weigh-ins¬†where Friday night, and I rode down with Paul and his dad. Seems a waste, but all the kids must weigh in the night before. It just makes things smoother for the day to come. How ever it’s still an hours drive for a weigh in that takes all of 2-minutes. Matt and his mom opted for a hotel room to stay in.

The next day (Saturday), we drove down again, this time to fight. I find out from sensei Fred that poor Matt is THE VERY FIRST MATCH OF THE DAY ON MAT 5! And Paul was the THIRD match on Mat 6! – CRAP! Well, no time to waste. We picked up the kids match cards, and got them to run around a bit.

Opening ceremonies over, and the day begins.

Liberty Bell Judo Classic 2009

Paul and Matt

Matt’s up! – Matt’s over… damn… His match¬†lasted about 30-seconds. He lost. Paul’s up… Paul’s down! Double damn… His match was also over in about 30-seconds… Not a good start! This is after all a Double Elimination¬†tournament.

Matt was now match 8, and well… Sorry folks we lost this one. So poor Matt’s day was over in all of about 20-minutes. Paul’s turn for match number two. This time, he nailed the kid for two half-point throws. He won that one. We’re still in this.

Paul’s next match was number 23 on Mat 6. So we went upstairs he got a drink, and we hung with his parents for a while. A few matches before number 23, we headed back down, and he reported in. Paul’s up again… and… just like that… it’s over. Paul lost his 3rd match and thus was eliminated.

I do feel really bad. I was hoping for the guys to win at least a few more. But you must understand, this is a HUGE event. And people come from all over the USA, Canada, and we even had a boy from Africa who was fighting today! WOW!

So the day was over for us well before 11AM. The boys hung out up top, and watched a few more matches. I told them to stay and I snuck off with Matt’s mom to do some shopping with a uniform vender. This is such a big event, and¬†despite¬†the loss, I’m proud of them for simply showing up. Win or loose I already had this planned.

So, what’s a sensei to buy his students? Why, new uniforms of course! But, not just any… You see in judo, the first name called to fight should wear a blue uniform, and the second name called wears white.¬†Normally¬†all students wear white, and we simply use a blue belt to distinguish 1st name and 2nd name for scoring. – High level events like Nationals require the blue uniform.

So… I picked up a size 1 (Paul’s size), and size 3 (Matt’s¬†size), blue single-weave¬†judo uniform for them. But hush now. They don’t know the uniforms are for them! I’ll give the uniforms to them on Monday at class. How cool is that? – I know they will be thrilled. All kids love the blue uniforms! But I’m sure it may make some other students enviable.

But either way, maybe. Just maybe, it will encourage others to fight! Because I would have done the same thing for any student going to this event. Just think if I would have had to buy 14 blue uniforms!!!

Authors note. This post was composed entirely on my new 17-inch MacBook Pro!

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  • 2009 Pennsylvania State Judo Championships

    aventure-judo-18This past weekend we¬†attended¬†the¬†2009 Pennsylvania State Judo Championships. I had six junior students attend plus Sensei Andy, Sensei Fred and myself. I think we made out alright, though I think we could do a little better. I’ve very proud of my students as for some of them, this was their first ever judo event. It’s not easy when your first ever event is the State Championships!

    I had three matches myself that day in Mens Open¬†category¬†at 145lbs (66kg)… My first match the guy just muscled me. I went in for a dropping shoulder throw and I missed! He got in behind me, and… choked me out… The good thing is you don’t remember much…

    My second match I did much better… This time again with the dropping shoulder throw I got under the guy and planted him in the center of the matt with a perfect throw – Ippon! The match was over in less then 20-seconds. Nice crowed reaction too. Every one complimented me on the nice throw!

    My third match I just screwed up. It was a skinny brown-belt guy, likely on the light side of 145lbs. I had control of him; or so I thought… At one point I¬†actually¬†moved his whole body with a foot-sweep, but… didn’t¬†follow¬†threw… He scored two, 1/2-point techniques on me, and the match was over… That one upset me more then being choked-out!

    My students did well:

    • Nick took 1st!
    • Matt took 1st!
    • Brandon took 2nd!
    • Jason, Attended… He was my youngest student, sadly he did not place. But I’m very proud of him. It was his very first judo¬†tournament.
    • Paul took 2nd!
    • Justin took 3rd!
    • Sensei Andy took 3rd in Mens Masters Over 30.
    • Friend, Dr. Andre Watson¬†took 1st in Mens Masters and 2nd in Mens Open 90kg.

    Nick with 1st!


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