The Perfect Focus

Finding focus in a blurry world…

The greatest game…

Puddle sucker...

Championship Day is over here… All 5 games where played… And all 5 games where shot.

The day starts early for me, around 9AM arriving at the field about one hour before game time to set up my small display of photos, and rig my remote camera at home plate, and get a few practice shot in myself. The first game started at 10AM under bright a HOT summer sun.

Yes, we actually use a Shop-Vac to suck puddles off the field after a rain delay! Kevin, the League President, demonstrates proper puddle sucking technique.

My day consisted of:

  • 12-hours of non-stop photography
  • 5 Games, 2 Coach Pitch (Minor American), 1 1st Year Kid Pitch (Minor National), and 2 Majors (11-12yo Baseball)
  • 1 Rain Delay
  • 2 Cameras, 1 Remote behind home plate, 1 in-hand
  • 2900+ Photos Shot (unedited count)
  • 1 game called do to lightning
  • 3 hot dogs for the photographer, and countless soda’s and PowerAid’s
  • 200+ fans cheering!
  • A weeks worth of editing 2900+ photos…

Play ball...

Boom... (Minor American)

Play at 3rd (Minor National)

MAKE THE CALL!!! (Majors)The last game in question was the Boys Majors League Championship Game. A slugfest for sure. With the score changing every inning one-up’ing… plays and steals abound, action at every at bat… All for not, this game was called in the bottom half of the 5th inning 2 outs, runner on 3rd, with a score of 13-13, do to lightning. The umps did there best to try and let them play, but for the safety of the players the field was cleared… only moments later buckests of rain let loose.

So, who won? The rules of course… A very unpopular choice at best… So here is the explanation.

A “Complete Game” (in-the-books) is a game that has at least 4-innings of play. If a game is called do to weather or injury and the inning of play has not finished… the score will revert to the last full played inning… Don’t get it, read it again, slowly

PLay at 2nd (Majors)

This means, though our game ended in a tie score of 13-13, because the 5th inning was only half over… the score reverts to the last complete inning (in this case the 4th)… Because 4-innings is considered a “Complete Game“, the game is considered FINAL, and can not be postponed, and finished the next day. That SUCKS!

Come to poppa! Stole 3rd... (Majors)I give nothing but respect to the boys that played in this game, it was spectacular. And in my view it was a tie, with no winner or looser. But them’s the rules, and sometimes they suck. IF they would have gotten that LAST out, and the score would have remained tied… THEN they could have finished the game the next day!!! But because the Knights of Columbus where ahead by 2 runs in the 4th, they are the “Official” winners.

Little dude got guts... (Majors)

Still one of the best games I have ever seen!

13-13 (Majors)

Championship Day may be over, but my days at the field are not. Little League Baseball and Softball tournaments continue well into July and August. Ending with the Little League World Series, August, 21-30, 2009 in Williamsport, PA!


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  • Where have you been…

    Many of my blog friends have wondered where I have been for the past few weeks.

    Well, I’ve been busy photographing Little League! I’ve shot 25 games (as of this post) and a library of about 5000+ photos, from all levels from Tee Ball to Little League, to Senior League Softball… Playoffs are this week, and Sunday will be a marathon shoot from 10AM ending around 10PM, covering all the league finals, and closing ceremonies! But this is not the end, because tournaments are next ending with the grand stage of the Little League World Series!

    So, this may be one of the few posts you see from me for a while again… In any case, photos speak louder then words, so… Here is some of my best shots from 2009… I have hundreds, but here are ten of my favorites…

    Peace out photo dude... (Minor American)

    A little rain... (Tee Ball)

    At the plate.. (Boys Majors)

    Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Pottstown Little League Challenger Baseball

    Pottstown Little League is seeking disabled children, whom may otherwise not be able to play Little League Baseball to form a Challenger Division Little League team. ALL children no matter their disAbility are welcome; this is what Challenger was designed for, to share the joys of baseball for every one.

    More information on the Little League Challenger Division.

    If your a local Pottstown resident and know some one who may be interested, please contact Pottstown Little League for more information. Or as a League Volunteer, you may contact me, and I will gladly pass the information along.
    The Challenger Division was established in 1989 as a separate division of Little League Baseball to enable boys and girls with physical and mental challenges, ages 5-18 or the completion of high school, to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide.