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We have some minor updates to tell you about… I’ve updated the blog back end to WordPress 2.7.1, and installed some new plugins. Of note as always is our Odiogo Audio plugin and our “Listen Now!” button that has been installed for a few weeks now. I simply LOVE this plugin, and the service is free! I find it very accommodating for people who may visit our blog who are Dyslexic, or have low vision, and would prefer our posts read to them… Very cool!

You’ll now note a “Print This” link at the top of our posts, this will allow you to have a printer friendly version of my posts available to you, incase you want to print out and share a story… I’ve also added a “Possibly Related Posts” plugin, that automatically generates links to, possibly related topics within the blog… And I’ve added a “Popular Posts” plugin as well, for the sidebar to spur interest in my top viewed and commented on subjects.

Some blog linkage updates, now added:

  • 5 Minutes for Special Needs, a blog for parents of special needs children, and props to Ellen from To The Max who now contributes to them as a writer. Ellen’s blog “To The Max” is one of my favorite blogs to follow.
  • Coley’s Corner, Coley, and her son Noah.
  • Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords, Author, Robert Rummel-Hudson and daughter Schuyler who’s Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords.
  • n0thingbuteverything, from Australia, a personal blog, a mother and her son, who has CP.
  • According to Jude, A blog about a baby’s story, and struggles of his loving mom. Please prey for baby Jude.
  • Dr. Barbara Boucher, PhD, PT/OT, and her blog Questioning healthcare for children with diagnoses, parenting recommendations, therapy for a meaningful lifestyle change and promoting acceptance for all. An analytical view of the world.

I’ve talked with Dr. Boucher at length about many different subjects in personal e-mails covering many different subjects. I find her views very down to earth and a no BS point of view. (And she comments on my blog as well!) So props to the doc!

As always feel free to visit out friend on the roll, and if you are a friend and are listed, be kind, share the love, and link back to us if you please. You don’t have to, but it’s very appreciated!

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  • Geek Nirvana, Apple Style!

    Mac Pro ©Apple Inc.Oh my, oh my… It feels like Christmas all over again! Today as I scan my normal RSS feeds around computing and technology I’ve found nirvana, (at least I think so). Apple has today announced major updates for the Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro lineup… Now I could care less about the Mac Mini and iMac, though they are still very neat. I almost wet my pants with excitement when the press release also included a brand new Mac Pro desktop!

    Holy mother of god, your going to need permission from NASA or the NSA just to boot up this bad boy.

    Mac Pro ©Apple Inc.

    Simply mind blowing pure speed! I’m officially in geek shock! On my poor credit card…

    The price of such a beast of a machine is not cheap at all, the base price system for a 4-Core machine is $2499, and the base price of the 8-Core system is $3299… Fully loaded, the system I would be looking to buy could be well in excess of $3600 to $6800 depending on options… This is no toy!

    But this brings me to a perplexing situation… As I had mentioned in a past post, I’d really like to get a laptop, the 17-inch, MacBook Pro… It’s configuration for my needs would cost $3300. So the question is, who’s first? Should I upgrade my aged PowerMac G5 1.8GHz desktop to a new kick ass Mac Pro; or should I buy the MacBook Pro to become more mobile…

    The Mac Pro desktop would certainly still be faster then a laptop, and I could hook it up to my 23-inch Apple HD Display. The desktop may be used more, as I’m at my desk a lot, chatting, blogging, or working on photos…

    The MacBook Pro laptop, would allow me to be more mobile, which I am working very hard to become. I want to be able to take a computer on travels, blog, and work on photos when I am not at my desk, such as at a wrestling match or baseball game. I could also use the laptop to show my work to clients at games or at the school. This could potentially increase my photo sales. Not to mention, encourage me to travel. There are some very nifty GPS units that you can use with laptops!

    ©Apple Inc.

    At it stands now, at this very moment I do still think I’m going to buy the 17-inch MacBook Pro… But that may change, after I change my underwear… If you feel you want to weigh in on this debate in my mind, by all means feel free to comment, I could use all the help I can get! After all, you want to help me spend my money, right?

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  • January 28, 1986: Where were you?

    We remember mission STS-51-L, the last flight of Space Shuttle Challenger…

    Challenger Launch on STS-7

    Front row: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair; Back Row: Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik

    Front row: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair; Back Row: Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik.

    Where were you? Please share your memory…

    I was 7-years-old, and likely in school that day. I remember the talk about the “Teacher in Space” and all the buzz that many of the nations schools had about this wonderful program. But at such a young age for the life of me I can’t recall if we actually watched the launch in school that day or not; or if we simply received word that something was wrong.

    Share your thoughts, what do you remember, and how old where you?

    Some Shuttle Facts:

    • The Orbiter is 133-feet tall and it’s wingspan is 78-feet across.
    • It has 2 solid rocket boosters, 3 main engines, 2 orbital thrusters.
    • Each solid rocket boosters contain 1 million pounds of propellant and each provides 1,315 tons of thrust (at sea level)… They burn for a total of 2 minutes and 2 seconds.
    • The Main engines utilize 603 tons of liquid oxygen and 101 tons of liquid hydrogen in the external tank. Each provides 170 tons of thrust (at sea level)… They burn for a total of 8 minutes. Maneuvering system engines provide 2.7 tons of thrust.
    • Hottest skin temperature on re-entry 1,650 degrees Celsius, (thats 3000 degrees Fahrenheit)!!!
    • Average shuttle speed to launch to orbit is 25,000 miles per-hour; Average shuttle speed in orbit is 17,000 miles per-hour.
    • The shuttles nick-name on re-entry has been called “The Flying Brick“… Because the shuttle it self actually can not fly, it’s a glider.
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