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Pottstown Back to Backing Five Grade Schools – Update

Just an update post, and some links to the local articles…

Schools Debate gets Personal

After 14 months of debate, and almost as many proposals for the future of elementary education considered, it’s understandable that the nerves of Pottstown School Board members might be a bit frayed.

School Board Behaves like Children, but Fails to Lead on their Behalf

The motives of Pottstown parents, community advocates and the school board are said to be “for the children,” but this town’s behavior, though childish, has little to do with what’s best for kids.

In what can only be described as a three-ring circus, the Pottstown School Board on Thursday reversed course for the third time, rescinding with a 5-4 vote its November decision to consolidate elementary education into three buildings and return to the concept of keeping all five elementary schools.

Articles as published in the Pottstown Mercury. See story links for full details…

Pottstown Back to Backing Five Grade Schools

Didn’t we finally beat this thing to death? Isn’t it time to give it a rest? Apparently not… But just in case your still wondering, our illustrious school board voted again… Why does it take a 4-hour meeting to review things that have been solved and voted on already?


Evan Brandt, The Pottstown Mercury:
February, 20th 2009

After four hours of debate, accusations and passionate advocacy on both sides of the thorny issue of configuring elementary education in Pottstown, the decision was made to do nothing

The decision came after nearly three hours of public comment from 41 of the more than 200 people who packed the middle school auditorium.

An unofficial Mercury tally of those comments put the ratio of those opposed to the plan that featured converting Edgewood Elementary School into an early learning center at two against to every single speaker in favor.

The Pottstown School Board capped the public comment with a muddled debate of their own — a debate that even included references to what God would want and that also  required frequent intervention by the board solicitor to ensure that everyone knew what they were voting on.

And once the voting began, with a 5-4 vote — a vote accompanied by the applause of parents of Edgewood students who had turned out in force (and in red t-shirts) — the board abandoned all current school consolidation and renovation plans.

Specifically, the board rescinded its November action to close Rupert and Barth elementary schools, convert Edgewood into an early learning center and educate grades 1 through 5 in renovated and expanded Franklin and Lincoln schools.

That vote was followed by another, this one inexplicably unanimous, to keep all five neighborhood elementary schools and for them tho maintain the traditional grade configuration.

Can we finally call it quits, unlikely…

But I think the 3+ hours of public comment and over 200 people that showed up to the meeting tell you something. I think it’s so clear a deaf person could hear it, but just incase you misunderstood the comments, allow me to translate.


There, I feel much better now!!!

For my further distaste of this issue see my post I need my edumacation…

Cole did it!

Cole and Ilia

This young man and his cheerful attitude amaze me. So, he enters this contest a few months back from a local Honda dealer in Southern California… Simple, 200-word essay… Out of over 800 entries, who do they pick? That’s right… COLE!

But wait, there’s more! Guess what? After seeing Cole’s story, the dealers decide it was not a Honda Element Cole needed but a FULLY ACCESSIBLE TOTALLY ADAPTED ODYSSEY MINI-VAN! As Cole says HOLY FRIGGIN’ COW!

Now mom and dad won’t have to lift Cole to get him in and out of the car, he can roll him self, and use a lift, and mom and dad can roll in a nice new van.

Way to go Cole, YOU ROCK! I can’t think of a more deserving person!

To check out the video here’s what to do:
Click on “Free Honda“… Then click on Massie Family
You can also try this direct link from Yahoo Video

Do check it out, it’s a very nice video.

For Cole’s actual post on his own blog visit here.