Well we had a good class tonight. 1 class to go till the developmental tournament, Sunday, at Liberty Bell Judo, in NE Philly. I have 4 students going, Matt, Dylan, Paul, and Galen… This will be Galen’s first event, he’s 12. Sensei Fred, Andy, Scott, and myself will also be there. But won’t be fighting. It’s only a developmental event, no black belt divisions.

It’s in NE Philly, about one hour away, so I’m riding up with Paul, and his dad. I hope they all do well, Sensei Fred and I are planning a promotion shortly after the event (few weeks).

We worked every one really hard tonight! We did lots of throwing drills. And we did the last 4 rounds with me throwing EVERY ONE. Working on the 4 major throws every one knows. Major outside leg throw, major hip throw, minor inside leg throw, and shoulder throw!!!

Think I made a few of em’ dizzy, we went very fast! My back hurts now, LOL… some of you kids are heavier then ya’ll look! Let see… 11 students X 4 rounds… I did 44 throws in about 5min. uggg. A quick drink, and then a vigorous round of randori before the end of the kids class. Every one was sucking air!

Stay tuned…