Do you need help, here let me do that for you…

As I sit and talk with my aunt (god mother) on the way to Forksville, PA to visit my dad the day after Christmas. I have come to the realization that some in my family are truly nuts. Or at least clueless.

As we talk on the near 3-hour drive. I mention that I’m now getting services provide by the Montgomery County Association for the Blind, and am receiving Orientation and Mobility training. As I explain to her; so I can learn to travel independently, use bus and public transportation. To this she replies, “Why would you want to do that?“…

As I pause for a moment and think to my self … WHAT THE FUCK! (Sorry kids…) But really, why would some one who cares for you be so cluless?

The objective of this all and the reason I am, the way I am today; scared to travel, and scared to go any place alone. Don’t know how to ride a bus, or use public transit is BECAUSE of over protective parents and relatives. I’m desperately trying to get away for that. I’m tired of relying on other people to take me the places I want to go.

As I had mentioned in one of my very first posts in this blog. I had O&M training to a limited extent in school. Listened to all the counselors tell my mom  I should go on camps and bus trips ect. But because of the advice of other well-meaning adults to my mother, I did not.

And I can still hear the counselors say… “You can’t protect him for ever“… Well guess what… THEY WERE RIGHT! Maybe that Ph.D. does mean something after all?

I’ve come to my own conclusions … mom won’t be here for ever, friends and family move away, and other family members have there own life and own children to look after … I’m not made of glass. Why did it take almost 30 years to realize this? And why are people still so thick…!

I should mention not all in my family are so thick, some understand and support me, and the encouragement is helpful. Remember to post your thoughts as comments too, that is what this blog is for!