My pen-pal friend Cole and Skilled Companion Ilia have recently updated there web site for Christmas, and posted about there exploits of the past year. Cole is truly one amazing kid, and his update is worth a read, or visit Cole’s website!

From surgery to help him walk better releasing tightness in his legs from Cerebral Palsy, to attending the Grand Opening of the L.A. Orthopaedic Hospital’s new universally accessible playground, to traveling to Vail, CO so that Cole could be the guest speaker for a Canine Companions fundraiser; and to the biggest news of 2008… Ilia, Cole’s service dog was awarded the 2008 ASPCA Dog of the Year, one of the highest animal awards presented by ASPCA.

Nothing stops this kid… And we’re proud to have him and his family as good friends.

Here is the photo we sent to Cole, along with the pencils, in a nice case, along with a christmas card signed by the class. (Cole collects unique pencils.)

Pencils for Cole

With Brandon’s mom, along with Matt and myself we sent over 50 unique pencils to Cole to add to his collection. In addition, Pottstown Little League will be running an ad in the 2009 roster booklet for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) at my request, for no charge. Yea! Merry Christmas Cole…

You rock lil’ dude!

Ilia’s 2008 Christmas Retrospective


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